The Beginning of an Exciting Journey

It's been a year since we've sat down to brainstorm and think up our concept, strategy and Art Direction for Suria Artisan Batik. Our online store is finally live! In March we posted our project on a volunteering network. Alessandro, our photographer from Florence and Aga, our Polish muse found us simultaneously - it was synchronicity. We worked like a dream team and executed some photoshoots, more than enough for our first mini collection of silk scarves. Our volunteers were professional and brave, climbing waterfalls and hiking dense rainforest.

Aga and Alessandro stayed with us at our workshop site for a whole two weeks. In between shoots, we got to know each other and we felt like family from the start. Aga had been globetrotting SE Asia for the last two years volunteering for an NGO in the Philippines for HIV/Aids victims. Her travel tales had given us so much inspiration.

 Overall our experience with the volunteers was unforgettable. Their travel tales remind us that this planet is after all a small village and that we all seek the same high mountain through different paths. Be well, Aga, Alessandro and Igor. Thank you all for your generosity and making our first Lookbook possible.

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