Our Story

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we are a mission-driven creative enterprise focused on designing authentic fine quality, modern batik.

Introduced through ancient trade with the Javanese Kingdom in the 13th century, the making of batik is a fascinating process that deserves world recognition.

Batik is a dye-resist technique where our skilled artisans either paint or draw (using a traditional spout) or hand block (with copper blocks) molten wax. We are a zero waste initiative where our fabrics are painted rather than dip dyed, saving precious water in the process. The wax is then boiled off to leave GORGEOUS prints. The remnant wax are recycled.

Beautiful, intricate patterns found within the Malaysian rainforest is our primary source of inspiration. Our workshop is, appropriately, located amidst this natural treasure trove, in Janda Baik, Pahang, home to one of the oldest deciduous rainforests in the world. We are currently working on expanding this artisan site.

Suria's work supports marginalised/displaced artisans who create stunning pieces of kaftans, kimonos, shawls as well as a range of other fashion and home accessories. We are also a proud sponsor of TRCRC, a local environmental NGO.  Join us on Instagram and share our journey to better understand and engage with our label.

For any inquiries, custom or wholesale fabric orders, please email us at: