Our Story

We are a mission-driven creative enterprise based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia focused on designing authentic fine quality batik.

Batik is a dye-resist technique where our skilled artisans either paint, draw (using a traditional spout) or hand block (with copper blocks) molten wax. The fabrics are then dyed and once the dye is fixed, the wax is then boiled off to leave GORGEOUS prints. Introduced through ancient trade with the Javanese Kingdom in the 13th century, the making of batik is a fascinating process that deserves world recognition.

Comprised of a small team deeply passionate about the rainforest, cultural heritage preservation, handmade craft and supporting local and small businesses, Suria Artisan Batik collaborates with only the finest artists and highly skilled local batik artisans to deliver to our loyal fans simple yet unique designs that drape beautifully as scarves, beach wraps or dresses.

Our designs are inspired by patterns originating from the rainforest of Malaysia while 10% of our proceeds go to TRCRC, a local environmental NGO. Get a feel and understanding of what our brand is all about by following our journey on Instagram. We love posting our creative & travel notes as well as our sneak peeks.

For further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at: suriaartisanbatik@gmail.com. We shall respond within 24 hours. Chat with us live. We're available from 10am - 10pm Malaysian time.