Our Story

Suria is a capsule of silhouettes that are inspired by the rainforests of Malaysia, from foliage and fronds to intangible nomad weaving traditions. An effortless ease, to be worn like dewdrops on a leaf. 

Using wisdom from ancient batik-making traditions, our collection is a metamorphosis of textures and elements that tells a story of their own. Each fabric is a transition from design to dot, hand drawn with pipettes and embossed with custom-made copper moulds. A return to essential values of craftsmanship, passion, tradition and art. Suria is the rainforest narrative in exquisite design, light textures and handcrafted details that we share with our customers. 

Nestled in the shade of a rainforest and surrounded by a river, our studio is in the valley of Janda Baik, Pahang. Our space offers a serenity to nurture our artisans' creative essence. 

Our work is a creative collaboration with marginalised/displaced artisans and their communities. Each piece is an individual story, hand crafted by our artisans. We work towards creating sustainable initiatives where our fabrics are painted, to reduce water footprint and remnant wax is recycled to minimise our environmental impact.

To explore a bespoke edit range of fabrics or place wholesale orders, reach us at hello@suria-artisanbatik.com.

About the Founder:

Intan Suria, draws on her personal journey, when she discovered her late mothers box of batik fabrics, unused dyes and canting tools. It is through this emotional and sensorial moment that Suria felt moved to preserve the batik-making legacy along with her personal expressions of the rainforest.

Founded in 2017, SURIA Artisan Batik was born with sustainability at heart. Suria is rooted in creating hand-painted contemporary patterns through a collection of batik fabrics that preserve textile traditions and draw inspiration from the environment that surrounds us.