Our Campaign

Not very long ago, Malaysia was once entirely covered with lush rainforest. This all changed in the 1980's when rapid development came into play. According to WWF, the period between 1983-2002 saw a reduction of about 4.9 million hectares of forest cover in Malaysia. Today, forests cover only about 59.5% of the total land area.

The rainforests of Southeast Asia are believed to be the oldest and among the most biologically diverse in the world ~ WWF

We know that the battle against deforestation is massive, so being a micro ethical enterprise, we're taking those tiny steps to do our part.

When you purchase a fabric from our store, 10% of our profits will be given to a local NGO - TRCRC (Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Centre). Your contribution will directly assist in restoration efforts of rare and endangered tree species endemic to Malaysia.

Headed by Dr. Dzaeman Dzulkifli, the team at TRCRC go deep into the jungle collecting seeds, propagating them and building networks of plant living collections (living gene banks) in 3 primary locations in Malaysia. Through their sister NGO Landskap, programs in public schools are being implemented to nurture and educate children on the importance of reforestation. The tasks that lay ahead of them are IMMENSE.

For more info on TRCRC, visit their website: www.trcrc.org.